CS161 Labs (Fall 2019)

This is the lab page for CS161 Honors Introduction to Programming. These labs are meant to give you some practice coding in Haskell and expose you to some important computer science concepts.

Lab TA 1: Jin Jin Zhao j2zhao@uchicago.edu.
Lab TA 2: Nathan Mull nmull@uchicago.edu.


Post questions on Piazza so your classmates can benefit as well. Make a private post if you want to discuss specific code from your solution.


Submissions are due on Thursday before 11:59pm. Generally, there are no extensions. However, out of the seven graded labs your worst grade will be dropped.

Turn in your labs via git.

$ git status
$ git diff
$ git add file1
$ git add file2
$ git commit -m "Message Here: What Did You Change"
$ git pull
# If vim opens with a "Merge ..." commit message, hit :x to save the message and quit vim.
# If git reports merge conflicts, open the files and fix the conflicts, then follow git's directions.
$ git push

Then check on Gitlab to confirm that your changes are there.

Your instructors do not typically read commit messages. Use Piazza or email if you need to communicate.

After you have completed this, you are done. We will pull your repository at the deadline and your submission will be whatever is in the lab folder (lab0N) at that time.


The collaboration policy is the same as discussed in class. Mention all collaboration with your classmates, but do your own work from memory (no copy-paste of course). The best place to mention collaboration is in a comment at the top of the file or near the relevant code (not in a commit message). Do not post partial or complete solutions on public websites.

Late Policy

The late policy for labs is the same as the late policy for homework: late labs are not accepted (except in extraordinary circumstances). If you believe that your situation warrants an extension post a private note on piazza. In light of this policy, we will drop your lowest lab grade.